Uta Stiene

Leadership-Trainer of Emotional Leadership.


I turn emotional, …

The question would be rather, where won’t I? Emotions make my life rich and colorful and give each moment a feeling of being special. I turn emotional when something real takes place: A warm encounter between people, the experience of silence in nature, music that touches, a great memory, a loss, something new, beautiful things, unique stuff. Always when my heart rejoices.

I get angry…

… when people behave like if they were alone in this world.

My favorite books and movies

The most beautiful vacation resort

Every place where I am and where I can discover something new, preferably with my “Lieblingsmenschen” (my favorite buddies). Only, it shouldn’t be too hot there.

My favorite leisure activity

I love simply being together with friends or family, having a meal, drinking, talking, to share time and peace.

My taste

I adore Italian food. Carbs with the taste of the sun of the south.

The most beautiful color

My first favorite color is white, the second is nature. All colors surrounding us glow double with fragrance and sound.


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