Stefan Sohst

Stefan Sohst

Speaker - Trainer - Coach

Keynote-Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Forscher und Founder von Emotional Leadership.

I do music since my childhood, I love the combination of sound and emotions. My passion is personal development, a power which comes from enthusiasm and from a kind of creativity that leads people to their next level.

Technical qualification is the big effort our society made, which has brought a huge efficiency by the division of work. Now it’s time to go the next step and qualify for the interpersonal layer. This is a power dwelling from our soul based on our emotions.

I turn emotional, …

… when I see people who start to unleash all the potential within them and to get them into service for the community they work and live in.

I get angry…

… when people refuse to take their responsibility and hide under flimsy reasons away from discussion.

My favorite books and movies

The Pillars of the Earth (Ken Follett), Das Lavendelzimmer by Nina George, The Bible, Braveheart, Last Samurai, Heroes, Beethoven’s 9th, Tschaikowsky’s violinconcert 

The most beautiful vacation resort

The North at the seaside, or climbing in the mountain-area.

My favorite leisure activity

To enjoy my family, intelligent movies, doing music, singing (almost always) and saving the world together with my friends (at least once the evening).

My taste

Tenderloin of lamb with Herbs of Provence, aubergine, mushrooms and rice.

The most beautiful color

… depends on the present major emotion.

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