ESQ7 – your emotional profile

For the musician, the score is the foundation for his future musical expression. The leader get with ESQ7 access to his personal, emotional operating range. The tool ESQhas been developed by the Team of Emotional Leadership in order to show the Emotional Status Quo of the 7 basic emotions for our participants and coachees.  The ESQresult shows the personal emotional range of potential analyzing how familiar the participants are in using their emotions consciously. Additionally we match the management and leadership tasks with the personal emotion skills and present the Individual development areas in leadership. Practice makes perfekt.

Different aspects for different challenges – the ESQseries

The ESQ7 series exists in different characteristics fitting to your special needs and different situations.

The universal ESQ7. Learn about your personal emotional range in detail. Which of the 7 Basic Emotions are you already proficient in and which of them need differenciation and training? Click here to proceed to ESQ7A.
The ESQB is our actual introductory offer. Learn about the main features of your emotional potential. You will receive a detailed PDF-Report as shown below per Mail. Click here to proceed to ESQB.
The ESQB is the questionnaire with the highest diversity focussing on your emotions at work. The following questions will be adressed:

  • which role do emotions play at your workingplace?
  • what kind of emotional person are you at work?
  • in what kind of your daily work situations do emotions matter or play a major role?

This questionnaire deals with your actual working situation and the way your actual dealing with emotions. At the end you will be facing a variety of personal results focussing on your development areas based on your answers.  Get a feedback on well developed emotions and get a detailed view on daily work management or leadership tasks. Find out where your best chance for development is hidden. Click here to proceed to ESQC.


Der ESQ7D – Conflict steht für Konfliktsituationen. Nutzen Sie den ESQ7C, um eine Konfliktsituation mit einer anderen Person zu analysieren. Welche Emotion sind mit welcher Intensität im Raum, welche Emotionen sind zu stark, welche zu schwach vertreten, um eine nachhaltige Lösung herbeizuführen.

In Entwicklung

Der ESQ7E – Decision steht für Entscheidungssituationen. Nutzen Sie den ESQ7D, um eine schwierige und komplexe Entscheidung zu treffen. Welche Emotion sind mit welcher Intensität im Raum, welche Emotionen sind zu stark, welche zu schwach vertreten. Was braucht es, um die Entscheidung zu balancieren.

In Entwicklung

You will receive your detailed PDF-Report as shown below per Mail.