EQTing GmbH

Since 2013 the certified trainers Christoph Theile & Stefan Sohst provide Emotional Leadership trainings, online-trainings and coachings. Their last positions were directors of SOHST Productions GmbH and TheileConsulting. On July 1st 2018 their activities merged, all services will now be found under the roof of the EQTing GmbH in Hamburg.

The name EQTing stands for different emotional aspects. EQ is the emotional quotient derived from the concept Emotional Intelligence. In ancient China they already knew the capability for true listening needed all human senses and the right inner attitude, presented in the complex chinese sign Ting. The french word „écouter“ – meaning listening – occured just randomly.

The goal of the fusion of SOHST Productions & TheileConsulting is growth and the extension of the dedicated services. New topics based on seven emotions will come up, now e.g. also focussing in the future on education and typical family topics.

Christoph Theile
Keynote-Speaker, Trainer, Business-Coach und Gründer von Emotional Leadership 

The people who seem to be most challenging for us present to us our strongest development potential.
Christoph Theile

After graduating in economical math and food marketing, after some years of IT strategy engagement, Christoph Theile was responsible for people development in different german companies, from DAX 30 to middle class enterprises. Since the year of 2008 he is working internationally as leadership trainer and business coach. Today he is director of the EQTing GmbH and won different prices based on coaching and the emotions topic. In 2017 he won together with Stefan Sohst the HR Excellence Award in the category Leadership Development.

Stefan Sohst
Keynote-Speaker, Trainer, Coach and founder of Emotional Leadership 

In every human a unique potential is inherent which wants to be discovered.
Stefan Sohst

After studying economics and IT science Stefan Sohst completed an apprenticeship as minister and worked in this profession for several years. In parallel he was consultant for more than 20 years companies on IT. Since 2013 he focusses on leadership, communication and emotional trainings. Today he is director of the EQTing GmbH. In 2017 he won together with Christoph Theile the HR Excellence Award in the category Leadership Development.

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