The ethical aspect of blockchain


The conference in Hamburg took place from 31. of may until 1. od june, and was the first blockchain conference in Germany.

(if you want to get a clou, you find a good explanation here:

A bunch of nice guys from all over the world came together, talking about this important development and sharing new applications of a technology, which will be of profound improtance in the coming years, not only concerning currencies, but concerning all out life in the modern world.

So I was very pleased to be invited (Thank you Oskar Giese for all the nice time on the phone) to add my emotional thoughts about people und change to this exiting buch of speakers.

Stefan Sohst on the convention

Development and change is the big challenge in today’s society. At least we need more than just exciting technologies: We need people who take responsibility for people who need to be taken along through this change process. We need emotional leaders, who know their business more than just on the basis of planable resources, but leaders who are able to communicate in a way, that others follow trustful a thoroughly prepared path into a new kind of society and economical behavior.

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