Emotional Leadership – the unusual concept part IV

Benefits und Motivation

Our customers are companies who want to train their leaders and teams in emotional competence. With this concept we pursue economical and social targets. Togetherness stays in the center of it’s goal combined with employee-health and employee-satisfaction. We see, that emotionality is rarely used constructively, allthough it is available in every person. This power can work very destructively in every process, as long as it’s used unconsciously.  The University of Jena made a study in 2012, that suppressed emotions have a strong negative influence on our health.

Our credo:

Emotional education of emplayees creates a positive impact on the operating profit also.

Concrete benefits of target-groups:

Leaders and employees are participants in our trainings and coachings. Their personal benefits are first of all a rising quality of life through a clear concept to perceive and understand the own 7 emotions. Connected with the option of a substantial increase of personal presentation in the job and comunication quality, it grants an effective way to go through conflicts and stay sovereign. A personnel contentment is presumable.

Customer usually come from the human resources department or the management. The benefits at company level is located in the topmost emotional employee retention, employee health and performance. Currently, companies challenged by the internationalization of teams and, reinforced, by the confrontation with integration tasks. The emotional training of the wiil provide a large contribution in this area. Emotions are international, intercultural understanding is facilitated.

The culture of a company is determined by the sum of the behavior of all employees. It will be sustainably influenced through the concept of emotional leadership. If a company discovers emotionality as a resource for its employees, it will change the corporate culture in all areas. This includes the efficiency of meetings, reconciles a constructive fight for specialist topics, develops a respectful feedback culture and and leads management of employees into a new vision of responsibility.

People who have achieved emotional sovereignty, are usually perceived as charismatic . Charismatic people find easy ways of constructive ledership. It is a holistic development of the personality – with effect on the private and professional life.

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