Emotional Leadership – the unusual concept part I

Our consept is called „Emotional Leadership“ with the goal, to empower your abilities with you emotions. The term leadership adresses as well self-management as the leading a group of colleages.

The logo of Emotional Leadership: The concept focusses on the integration  of physical body, on thought and emotions (3 instances) – for us, they have to be a nicely cooperating unit. The field of emotions is determined by seven (7) basic-emotions according to Paul Ekman (FACS published 1978).

The brand new aspect in the concept Emotional Leadership

Every interaction between people in enterprises are accompanied my emotions. In today’s concepts, facial expressions, gestures and language are the central field of development. In training concerning emotional subjects (Emotional-Intelligence, non-violent communication, resilience, a.s.o.) the primary focus points on perception, recognition and understanding of the own emotions and those of the opponent.

New and special in Emotional Leadership are methods which allow, to actively use you own emotions to gear towards an objective. This is definitely a huge step further compared to emotional analysis and processing. The concept of Emotional leadership disputes with emotionality as a personnel ressource.

Through our years of experience we often find the understanding of emotionality as simply divided in good and bad ones. The so called “bad” emotions (anger, fear, contempt, disgust) have the reputation, to withdraw productiveness out of the working process. Emotionality is percepted as a kind of cloud, lacking the explanating model. We dissolve this cloud consequently. Emotions have functions, concrete tasks to fulfill. Used with competence they move people and enable them to create a sovereign and successful communication.

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