Call to adventure

a magic place, this is the most intimate place of your soul, iti is, where the power comes from, the power which turns ideas into results.

Those who know their inner (re)sources, get into a unique and certain position, filled wit charisma,

Wer seine inneren Quellen kennt, der nimmt eine unverwechselbare Position ein, er gewinnt Charisma, willpower, liberated  of pushiness.

At the end of quarter it comes down to facts an figures and those will be successful who where able to turn their ideas into facts, able to lead their team to success. Ledership doesn’t rely on pressure, but on authority. Authority is a result of qualified emotions.

One more reason to finally care for the overdue education of your emotions. Victory and defeat are at least bound to your innermost power.This power is not replacable with deligence, but deligence is usually a result.