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Emotional Leadership releases excitement and we are glad therefore. More and more people would like to get involved and take part in a vision, which will be very soon adding new standards to our way to share life and work with one another.

You are trainer, teacher or working in a healthcare profession and are inspired to spread the idea of emotional competence concerning our social and worklife?

Our training-program for trainers and therapists offers you just your individual level for engagement. Welcome to our team!

Level 1: Emotional Security

You took part in a Competence-Day and the seminar Emotional-Competence. You are qualified as:

Emotional Embassador

In this level you have the official permission, to recruit new participants for Emotional Leadership seminars. You are excited about the options and gain access to new fields of application. You get all the media and material you need, to do what you love.

Let yourself be confirmed for this task. We love to support you.

Level 2: Emotional Leadership

You took Part in an Emotional Leadership-Seminar, completed you degree and solved the practical tasks. You are qualified as:

Emotional Coach

You are enabled to help people, to develop their own emotional competence. Youorganize and lead Competence-Days and have qualified for the personal coaching in emotions.

Therapists and physitions can directly apply their special knowledge of emotional health and emotional therapy.

Teachers pedagogies got their special knowledge frrom the seminar Emotional Pedagogy and are alowed, to practically use their skills within their jobs.

Level 3: Emotional Excellence

After your Emotional-Excellence-Education, you are enabled to to use your emotional competence strategically. You are master, to silently positioning themelves in large groups and complete ordered tasks. You are qualified as:

Emotional Expert

You are qualified to get equiped in all training-targets of Emotional Leadership. Sie haben damit die Berechtigung, sich in alle Trainingsziele von Emotional Leadership einarbeiten zu lassen. You committed yourself to the “Codex of Emotional Experts” and can establish your own training-centers and help many people to settle a new basis for a successfu self-guided life. You actively develop our world, our life and culture in the sense of emotional leadership.

even for lateral entrants

We offer all these educations for laterant entrants also. At least after the Competence-Day we are able show you your obvious options and perspectives.

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