Christoph Theile

Christoph Theile

Speaker - Trainer - Coach

Keynote-Speaker, Trainer, Business-Coach and founder of Emotional Leadership.

It must be more than 40 years ago that I played my first song on the piano – starting with the fleewalz. I play the keyboard of leadership development and business coaching for more than 15 years, with enthusiasm.

Seminars and Trainings have to be fun and in step with actual practice in order to develop leadership persons for their daily business. The leitmotif for all trainings and events is strength orientation  All participants learn about their talents and experience the concept of Emotional Leadership in a way to give their strength a solid voice. My musical passion has changed to singing – voice and language as a forming element – for music and leadership.

I turn emotional, …

… facing open-minded, interested and enthusiastic people in my trainings. I then sense, today is a day of two-way development.

I get angry…

barely. In these rare cases, maybe when I hear people presenting reasons not to move even if its obvious to them that they are absolutely discontent.

My favorite books and movies

My favorite book is “The Lavendel Room” of Nina George. The story of the literary drugstore-ship, where you can get a book suiting every mood and life situation. My favorite movie is “The Legend of Bagger Vance” – a movie about the greatest coachings session ever accompanied by the most beautiful pictures on a golf course.

The most beautiful vacation resort

I know, one day I will find it.

My favorite leisure activity

Making music, tangoing and playing Golf.

My taste

depends greatly on my mood. I love to cook with good friends.

The most beautiful color

The color of sunset is unmatched.