Enterprise-executives are confronted with an increase of subject-compexity. Besides their tasks as leaders, they have to face major changes in the market or in the organisation, tight human Coaching Conceptrecources and decreasing budgets.

An expert business coach is the perfect sparring-partner for executives. On middle and high leading-leveles, almost noone can survive without. Intensive reflection, creative flipchart-sparring and closed doors have become common today.

Coaching in enterprises has become an important task of human resource development, focussing development of talents, strenghts and increased efficiency.

Inducements for executive-coaching may be:

  • the Challenge of leading staff
  • Leadership inside change-management
  • Devellopment of potential and strength
  • Takeover of new tasks and responsability
  • Reorientaion of profession
  • Preparation on an AC / DC
  • The first 100 days on the new job

Christoph Theile is a senior DVCT-Business Coach and executives-trainer. He is looking forward for a a getting to know. Please get in touch.