Pedagogy and Emotions

bunte Kinderhände vor Schultafel

Do we loose our youth? Are there too many young guys, unable to identify thenselves with the society we created? Who is responsable? Parents? School? Pedagogy? All of us?


The following statistic is focussing on depression, but is a possible benchmark to get face to face with a vital challenge:

  • In US and Western Europe, 20% of the youth go through a phase of depression during adolescence.
  • Around 10-15% of these guys experience recurring  depressive phases  or stay in depression.
  • For about 8% of the sickened, the depression lasts longer than a year.
  • Around 2% develop a Dysthimia, a medium but long lasting depression, 2% have bipolar disorders.
  • Around 30% get in this context of depression into contact drugs, tabacco, alcohl or worse.
  • Less than a third of depressive young peolpe get help from their parents.


Depression may have multiple reasons

Befor we dicovered virusses, we slightly unable to understand the reason of colds. Now, depression is’nt caused by a virus, but is always developping under recurring circumstances.Adolescence is a very challenging phase for parents, teachers and, most of all, for the kids. The quoted article describes the handling of fear as one of the most important factor for depression. Now, fear is one of the 7 basic emotions you can’t escape from and which is pretty tricky to explore without help. Emotional Autonomy helps to get a starting-point for all participants of the piece.

When I think back of my time of childhood and youth, there where a few people around, like rocks in the surge of my adolescence. Most of them i found outside my family. Many people, talking to me over this subject, tell stories of such kind.

These peolpe are naturally able to believe in life and its opportunities and give me the confidence, that I can make my life a tell-worthy story.

When I reflect their beiing now, I see them as people of emotional competence. They have benn samples to live all basic emotions in a pure authentic way, with just few words, very empathic, that I was able to take this energy as an enhancement, to create my life and to use my curiosity.

I long for training-spaces

… where this king of competence can be experienced by children. I’m very grate full for any teacher and contact, feeling the joy of emotional autonomy and make ist a natural associated part of their education.

This approach is touching also ADD, Higly-Sensitves, Intellectual Giftedness and also daily stuff like ability to deal with conflict, teamwork and the sustainability of learning.

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