Emotions in Leadership: the power for team-success

Rough terrain, target out of sight, not knowing if it still makes sense, eager for opportunities, brave against barriers … it doesn’t matter whether you are mountain guide or you have a leading-task to fulfill in your company: You will have to overcome own doubts, will have to find courage for all your guys to to reach the goal.

Leadership is much more than giving instructions

It is a pure emotional process, it is empathy in action and everybody facing a leading job realises, that it takes something completly different from know-how. Even with classical leading tools you will have to fill the gap between knowledge and the practical situation of the appraisal interview. You will realise, without the original power, you get nowhere.

Emotional_Enterprise_thumbWell, there where always some guys, able to grap the situation, getting hold of the team, leaduing it into fulfillment. Others got lost between desorientation of the team-members and the lack of backing through the superiors.

Emotions ar the raw material of successful leadership, which remains in most difficult situations. If you don’t train them, you won’t have them.

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