Emotions are finally simple

Remember your first mobile?

This was Kind of … complicated. You definately needed time and help to understand the all the how tos to finally call somebody, write sms, Facebook, surf the web, listening to Music, navigate, take Pictures, sport-tracking aso..

In the same way, emotions seem to be absolutely impenetrably unless we get a grab on it, a tool, a language how to deal with it.

Paul Ekman known through the TV-series “lie to me” already startet a surves in the 1960th. It has become the starting Point for emotional leadership.

Foto by Kathrin SohstPaul Ekman describes 7 Basic emotins, shard by peple and peoples worldwide. The emotions are equally everywhere, but the way we applicate them  has bben developed and learned since we are born. All emotional knowledge is stored in the amygdala, a part of the limbic system in our brain. Alle emotionalen Erkenntnisse werden im Mandelkern (ein Teil des limbischen Systems im Gehirn)  abgespeichert. This is what I call “the memory of an elephant” the infallible memory. We never forget anything once stored in this part of our brain.Wir vergessen nichts davon. Al of us who ever suffered und Traumas will be able to sing quite sad songs on that fact.

Ususally we concentrate on our emotions only when they become realy strong and start to influence our lifes. Especially in those situations we are far away from learning to deal with them, instead we are processed by them. Therefore – Emotional leadership starts to train emotions in a Moment, where we produce them ourselves and not when they are fired by external experiences.

When you start to understand your 7 basic emotions, your life will gain efficiancy, simplicity and will become for most of us happier und mor joyful.