Seminar: Emotional basics

kompaktAssociatesEmotions are said to be not professional in daily workingprocess. But everybody, willing to look a bit deeper will find out soon, that our emotions are the Basis for professional Relations on eye Level and how successful we are with all we do.

In our basic class „Emotional Basics”, most of the participants are dealing with 7 Basic emotions for the first time on a really intensive level. They learn, how to Train themselves getting to a state of emotional Balance, the Basis for excellent communication. After passing this course they are allowed to use the tool „the circle of emotions” for their daily work.


  • 7 Basic emotions
  • Introduction th „the circle of emotions”
  • increase of emotional self- and partner perception
  • Getting awareness  of samples and Boosters of the own emotionsEigene Verhaltensmuster erkennen und verändern
  • Development of a language to describe the own emotions
  • First steps: consciously usinge the own emotions for comunication

target audience

Associates and executives who feel the need to gain a conscious and controlled way of dealing with their emotions.

Duration and place

2 days, place of Seminar is Hamburg

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