Emotional Sales

Sales? Well, the purchase decision is always emotional, for shure. It doesn’t matter if it’s concerning the new car, a string of pearls or simply stuff for the household from the supermarket. In sales, we call those emotions in to action regularly, such as price, prestige, security, fun, appearance aso.. Depending on the product our emotions are risen through visual, auditive, olfactoric and kinesthetic communication. We allow ourselves to get unconciously manipulated. The simple numper of thousands of stimulations day by day, hour by hour don’t leave us a choice.

This may be one of the reasons, why sales suffers under a poor reputation and we know, we need to bridle against sales-pessure.

Emotional Sales works much different and includes the option to a more of honesty and sustainability.

attractive businesswoman with team in office showing thumbs upMost of the well known methods reduce themselves of the emotional results of circumstances und rhetorical means. It is an absolute new idea, to directly use feelings triggered by emotions.

Is this possible? How does it work?

We don’t have to learn emotionality. We got it as an inheritage. What we need to learn is the concious usage of our emotionality. The result is very useful for everybody, even for sellers und buyers.

At the point of sale we reach a holistic accordance between service provider and benefit recipient. This kind of smart selection has fundamental economical advantages. Those 20% of your customers, causing you 80% of your trouble are eliminated befor they get to the point to disturb.

Through the education we follow two approches.

  1. One is offering a 3 days compact-seminar for you sales-members. 3 days of intensive emotional training. Long enough to understand, short enough, to go back to the battlefield.
  2. Secondly there are the executives, to care for the sales-department. For them we offer education in the special tasks of sales-leadership in our seminar-row emotional excellence.

Emotional Sales

Emotional Enterprise



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