Seminar: Emotional autonomy

14367090852_b5f3c1e6ae_kIn the basic course „emotional Basics”, the participants learnd the first time on a profound Basis, how to deal with their emotions and how to train themselves to get to the state of emotional balance.

This is, where course no 2 is taking off, to target emotional autonomy. during this extremely active and applicable Training you learn to get independant from old samples of reaction and to find Options, even to use your opponents emotional situation for a sovereign process, even with coleric persons an executives.


  • Analysis of the opponents emotions by using „the circle of emotions”
  • Immersion: Which complementary emotions neutralize a situation
  • To raise the emotions from balance to pressure (excess)
  • To learn to alow emotions of opponents and to neutralize them
  • Intensive training: Quick emotional reaction ability (QERA)

target audience

Associates and executives who feel the need to gain a conscious and controlled way of dealing with their emotions.

Duration and place

3 days, place of seminar is Hamburg

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