Heading for emotional autonomy

Foto by Kathrin Sohst

Autonomy is the requirement for unrestricted relationships without weight of expectation and big future prospects.

Autonomy is a Goal which most of us try to reach on a rational and physical Basis. Autonomy simply means that I decide the direction, the next step. I live within my Environment together with a lot fellows, still staying to realise and know myself.

Some peolpe say, beeing emotionally autonomic would destroy some of the nicest spice of life.

I and many others are experiencing the opposite.

If you deside concerning your emotions, what to experience and what not, you will always choose the exactly the right mix which will Support your aims and you will experience fulfillment much more often then before.

The circle of emotions is a simple tool to experienc your emotions like a game, either alone or with yourr team or your family. It is the entry Point to your first emotional qualification: Emotional autonomy.

The next step ist simple if you have reached the level of autonomy. Emotional leadership contains self-guidance as well as supporting methods for executives and People in Charge for the results of others.

Emotionally autonomic executives support their employees on their development to get there themselves.

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