Play the first violine within the leadership development
The team of Emotional Leadership and Topradio won the award for their commun project at HR Excellence Award  during the Gala in the Tipi next to the Chancellor’s office in Berlin on November 25 2017. It has been a spectacular beat on the kettledrum for us. This was the third award after the DVCT, Xing’s Top Coach and Focus award won during the last 18 months.  Emotions are our very personal most useful instruments – even the jury could not resist it.

Emotions are our most personal leadership instruments

Some people just seem to know precisely which button to push, or which string to pull, to bring about an emotional response within us that manifests an immediate change in the pitch of our voice, from low to high, from warm to cool, or even a change in key, from major to minor. Emotional Leadership trains persons in leadership roles to read and interpret such pitch and movement changes so as to create their own composition ultimately leading to higher performance.

The musical instrument in the hands of Jimmy Hendrix, captivates the emotions of those listening

Jimmy Hendrix was arguably the greatest guitarist of all time because  he played with emotion, and because he was brave enough to play by following his intuition, oblivious to the critics. Often, managers describe themselves as victims of their own emotions, rather than sovereign users of their own feelings.

Managers become Leaders when shown how to access their most powerful leadership tool – their own emotions. Emotional Leadership seminars are designed to transform business managers into leaders, leaders who will inspire maximum performance and results.

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When the saxophone starts to play everyone is captured by its sound

Those who have enjoyed Mr. Saxobeat’s solos, understand how the tones of this singular instrument easily stand out from accompanying instruments playing in a supporting role. The result? An astonishingly beautiful symphony of sound, but with a clear leader.

Accurate communication is one of the greatest challenges for those in leadership roles. and must normally come from a strong voice. The use of emotions actually enhance the clarity, accuracy and precision of communications taking place in day to day business.

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It is not what you say but the way you say it

Words mirror our emotions, mandating a certain sense of tact in situations of social etiquette. One of our major training objectives is teaching how to strike the right note without causing undesirable reactions. Moreover, we will show how difficult situations can be transformed into positive results. We illustrate this with the use the analogy of a symphony.

The conductor is the catalyst who knows how to elicit the very best from his players to envelop the audience with the full spectrum of experience. The leader recognizes the needs of the group and utilizes intimate knowledge of his ‘orchestra’ to maximize performance.

Every single team leader has to emit the right emotional signals to the employees resulting in a synergistic harmonic chord of high efficiency, which achieves  that great goal we call ‘Vision’.

Awarded and innovative – our way for your perfect performance

It is like a spectacular beat on kettledrum in the world of leadership development. In 2016 the Emotional Leadership concept was awarded as one of the three most innovative products in Training and Coaching by DVCT (German association of trainers and coaches) and in 2017 Emotional Leadership won the title of the HR Excellence Award in the category leadership development.

The crucial element for entering the world of Leadership emotions is called the «Circle of Emotions©» presented on this webpage on a reduced scale. The outer circle shows seven emotional qualities, the words inside the colored area describe the state of emotional balance.

The «Circle of Emotions©»  does not only show the seven basic emotions, it also teaches about the interdependence between single emotions, within the person and in communication with others. The goal is to cultivate proper emotions in order to develop from a manager’s capability into a true Business Leader. It can be your own sensational beat of a kettledrum.

Emotional Leadership’s Logo

As the origins of our unique, and unforgettable logo has given rise to much speculation, we’d like to explain the meaning behind the numerals 3, 7 and the triangle symbol. The 3, makes reference to the human components of body, reason and emotion, with the triangle symbolizing cohesion and strength, when all three are in balance. The 7, refers to the seven fundamental human emotions, each of which, serves us in its own unique way.

It is our hope, that our logo will help people to both understand, and remember, the crucial concept, that there exists a relationship, between body, reason and emotion. We’d also like to add that, it is our emotions, that are the connecting and controlling link, between body and reason. All conscious activity, good or bad, requires the combined input of each of these components, but they are led by emotion.


The Composers


Dr. Dennis Brodbeck


The Audience

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