Leading with emotions

Everyday work can’t be imagined without emotions, the team experience of getting enthusiastic about a team success can’t be called unemotional. Though the reputation of emotions in business is not ideal, anger and rage come to the mind of people first as a synonym for emotions. Imagine having a chance for a meeting at the top management floor –  not few people will be afraid to show their true emotions and try to act in a sober and neutral way, preventing communication mistakes they might regret later better not showing themselves. A stereotype about women in business says, that they don’t get to the top because they can’t control their emotions enough. The misleading opinion: emotions are not capable for rational decisions and lead to discord instead of clarity.

The contrary is the case! If you want to get ahead, you will definitely need emotional leading-competence.


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Humans are profound social beings and need therefore liberated emotions for great communication.

Stefan Sohst

The scientific foundation

What is the reason that two business men – the one mathematician and economist, the other computer scientist –  make emotions the center of their work-life?  When Christoph Theile and Stefan Sohst started their cooperation, they discovered that emotions are rarely present in any well known training-method, although it is well known, that emotions play a central role in professional collaboration.

The concept of “Emotional Leadership” starts exactly at this point and delivers a truly new and highly innovative option for human collaboration and communication. Emotional Leadership is based on Paul Ekmans concept of seven basic emotions which he published in the late 1970th. This accredited approach offers seven basic emotions with a certain facial expression that can be observed in all cultures all over the world.


starting from the insights of  Paul Ekman


we developed the Circle of Emotions©

tested in 7 years of training and coaching



Emotional Leadership is the concept which helps to bring talents and strengths to the true level of evolvement.

Christoph Theile

The Circle of Emotions©

The Circle of Emotions© is the central tool to start the conscious work on own emotions. This system, developed by the EQTing company, delimit the seven basic-emotions strictly from each other, it is practically a digitization. Clear dependencies of the emotions become visible to the user. Knowing and using these emotional laws is crucial for successful collaboration and communication between human beings. Applying this concept, you learn how to raise and lower single emotions consciously in yourself by using the circle of emotions©. By doing so, you have the chance to support yourself and your communication partner to find a successful way from complex and critical situations to good and efficient communication.



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